AMAZON: Solar Dog Art Statue for Garden Decoration

 This review is for the Dog Solar Art Statue for Garden Decoration.


 I squealed in joy the moment I took this item from its packaging. I even did a tiny, tip-toe dance. Bliss!

Let's delve into the review...

This product is offered by Acgarten. It is described as "Solar Art Statue for Garden Decoration: Outdoor Sculpture for Home House Yard Lawn Balcony Patio – Unique Housewarming Gift for Mom Women Grandma Lover [Solar Dog]"

Acgarten offers many garden goodies. I was confident my item would arrive in good condition and in working order.

The piece arrives in Styrofoam cut to cushion its proportions. The box it comes in has two sides that reflect the ability to use this time during the day and during the night.

It's intended for indoor and outdoor use. Small pads on the bottom prevent tabletop scratches. The resin can withstand the test of time, however, most resin products left outdoors will eventually chip or crack.

I was not expecting this piece's size and detail. The dog's face is so beautiful. I also was not expecting the cute butterfly on the dog's tail to light up so clearly. It casts a lovely glow to the dog's side and face. The dog itself is pleasant to look at.  (My solar dog keeps guard on our dining room table, currently.) 

I can't find any cons for this item review. The item looks great, functions well, and should be in your shopping basket by now! Go ahead, put two in.


[Apologies for the photos being a bit dark.]


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