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AMAZON: LAMY's Lazy Susan Organizer

    I purchased LAMY's Lazy Susan Organizer (the 2 Pack 12 Inch turntable) in November of 2022. It shipped quickly and arrived undamaged. It was exactly as described. I promptly abused one of them for your sake. Large Space: I appreciate the turntable's size. It does fit more than I thought. However, I don't recommend using it in the refrigerator. Space is at a premium there. Easy of Use: Take it out of the box and put it wherever. It rotates clockwise and counterclockwise smoothly and quietly and with minimal effort. Easy to Clean: Exactly as promised. Stable: It had no problem handling heavy product - I tested it using flour bags.  It really does have strong load-bearing and stability. I banged the organizer on the counter several times. It held up to that abuse. (It now resides on top of my microwave, fully functional, without a sign of wear on it.) Stylish: It fits most decor, from country to urban. Bonus: Anything meant to sit inside a cabinet or rest on a flat surface