AMAZON: NEWITIN 12 Pairs Stainless Steel Stud Earrings

 This review is for NEWITIN 12 Pairs Stainless Steel Stud Earrings available on Amazon.


My role is not to placate sellers. The Vine program helps generate quality reviews for products so customers like you can make informed purchasing decisions. This review is a departure from my normal format. 

Most product headlines contain exactly what the seller wants to convey to us. It is what shoppers see when scrolling for stuff. Something simple, like "Absolute Beginner Crochet Kit for Adults - Learn to Crochet with Expert Video Tutorials - includes All Essentials for Two Coasters - Perfect DIY Gift" tells us what we need to know. We visit the page to get more information, and we might read reviews about it.

NEWITIN's word-salad heading is horrid: "NEWITIN 12 Pairs Stainless Steel Stud Earrings for Men Hypoallergenic Earrings Inlaid Cubic Zirconia Men Earrings Hoop Earrings Stud Earrings for Women Men".

■  Are these for Men or Women Men?

■ Inlaid Cubic Zirconia? Hoops? These are globe studs. They do not contain Cubic Zirconia.
■  They state in the description that "Titanium steel material is not easy to break, tarnish, corrode or rust." Titanium Steel is not Titanium, however. It's easy to get confused. Titanium Steel is a term for Stainless Steel, mainly used on imported direct and drop-shipped products from China. These are not titanium earrings.

■  "Unisex design: The stainless steel earring is simply designed, including long bar pendant, star pendant, cross pendant cut-out leaf pendant, long chain pendant and etc. Suitable for both men and women to wear. Our earrings are fashion and exquisite, which can win more compliments. Beautiful, fashionable and retro." What on earth? What do pendants have to do with ball earrings?

Under the product specifications, we find a few phrases. One of them is: "Note: Don‘t touch water or sweat,use a soft cloth to gently scrub.If the gloss is dark,you can wipe it with toothpaste and it will be bright". Don't sweat?


I don't appreciate low-quality digitally manipulated images. This ad is rife with them. I'm bouncing one of their own ad back at them. The picture's light source cast shadows in one direction. The copy-paste earrings have a different light source and the shadows cast in the opposite direction.


Are there any Pros to this product?


■  The cost is very low. (You get what you pay for, people.)

■  The size variety works for those of us with multiple holes in our ears. We can taper from small to large using the matched sets sold here.

■  The packaging is nice, with each set coming in an easy to open plastic baggie. These can reseal. All of those bags can fit into a larger bag, and that bag fits into a small box that arrives in a larger envelope.

■  The earrings are light and are comfortable to wear.

Am I saying you should avoid them? Yes, and no. Better product is out there, but usually at a higher price. These cheap earrings are good for a little whimsy. Don't leave them in 24/7. Also, I can't trust a seller that can't describe their product correctly.


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