AMAZON: Kevskq 9 Pocket Waterproof Trading Card Collector Binder

 This Review is for the Kevskq 9 Pocket Waterproof Trading Card Binder available on Amazon

This is a nice three-ring, collectable card binder that closes via a zipper. The product description on the seller's page is very detailed. I'll focus on incorrect information, instead.

  • Big Capacity: "So you can store your various cards up to 900 sheets". This is a misprint. The sheets that come with it can hold 900 cards.
  • Unique design: "Each page can be removed or added by adjusting the 3 inner rings." This is a three ring binder. I do not see anything that allows you to adjust the rings. They open;they close. 


EDIT: The rings' pictures are captioned s as "Ours: Sturdy and not easy to fall off" and "Others: Firmless". My binder contains the "firmless" ones, as do other pictures in the ad.





  • The binder cover has a leather feel to it. Water will not seep in via the front or back covers. The zipper is cloth and doesn't repel The stitches are even and strong, especially the interior stitches.
  • The internal front and back covers have a soft lining.
  • The top-loaded card slots make it easy to retrieve a card. The sheets' tabs are quite strong and well made. The material is perfectly clear.
  • This binder is very good for valuable sports or game card collections.



  • The zipper is cloth and doesn't repel water.
  • My product arrived with only 48 sheets. Count yours upon product arrival.
  • The cart slots are "sorta loose", according to our expert. There is a possibility that cards may fall out over time, especially if they are removed frequently.
  • I have edited my review to reflect 


This binder is affordable and good for storing valuable cards. Use card boxes for all the ones you rummage through to build your deck. Keep your decks in deck boxes.


FUNCTIONS (1): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐




DELIVERY TIME: ⭐ (I'm not holding this against them)



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