AMAZON: BuyUp Multifunctional Stud Finder Model: TH370

 This review is for the BuyUp Multifunctional Stud Finder (Model: TH370) available on Amazon.

Homeowners should never put a nail or drill through a wall without knowing what's on the other side. Ideally, you should find the stud and make certain you're not tapping into an electrical wire. You do not have to purchase something expensive or anything contractor-grade. The BuyUp Stud Finder/Wall Scanner should work well for you.

Studs are boards that function as framing elements in your home, supporting the walls. They work well for anything that might be too heavy for drywall or plasterboard alone. A stud finder works by detecting differences in electrical properties or the density within the wall. Let's take a look at BuyUp's product.

Mode buttons make scanning easy.

  • 1/2" stud scan mode detects wood or metal studs up to 13mm deep
  • 1" stud scan mode detects wood or meal studs up to 25mm deep
  • 1 1/2" stud scan more detects wood or metal studs up to 38mm deep
  • Metal Mode detects metal up to 80mm for magnetic (60mm for non-magnetic) deep
  • AC Mode detects live, unshielded AC wires up to 51m deep [I did not test this mode]

The metal depth indicator works well, and I appreciate the green backlighting and buzzer. It automatically shuts down after 3 minutes, and it runs on 2 AAA batteries (included). You can use this device with either hand; it has a rubbery grip.  It comes with detailed instructions. No assembly required.

I dropped this thing down a half-flight of stairs, and it landed on a hard floor. It still works and shows no damage. I tested all modes except the AC Mode. It is a very accurate tool.

I wish that it came with case of some sort. It doesn't take much pressure to turn the device on or off.  

FINAL ASSESSMENT: The BuyUp Multifunctional Stud Finder is perfect for home projects at a price that won't hurt your budget.






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