AMAZON: 4-in-1 Function Key Chain

 This Review is for the 4-in-1 Function Keychain available on Amazon


This is the "4-in-1 Function Keychain - or, as the seller names it, "4-in-1 Function Wristlet, Zinc Alloy Keyring, Mens Keychain, Key Chains Women Cute, Car Key Chain, Anti-scratch, No Paint Removal, Efficient Key Management", offered by XLONYJT.

My key chain arrived promptly. I like the sleek zinc alloy design. It's billed as a 4-in-1 keychain, a multi-functional item: key management,  portable bottle opener, and cell phone holder, fingertip gyroscope. No mention of the small "knife" they billed as a box cutter.


■   I love the spinner.

■  The knife is meh. I've seen better.
■  The portable bottle opener doesn't work well. It slips and requires a lot of exertion.
■  The cell phone holder does not work with my Speck phone case.
■  The keyrings are beautiful, and function well for most keys. However, I have two vehicles with bulky fobs. I had to leave the old rings on them keep it from being crowded. I then have no space for regular keys. They could have planned this better, given that newer cars are starting to come out with clunky key-less start fobs.
■  The spinner is no longer a spinner when used as a carabiner.  

The cons I list are from my own experience with the product, thus the low rating. I've seen some positive reviews for it, and I'm glad this item suits their needs. XLONYJT has many beautiful and functional items. Don't let my experience dissuade you from buying other things offered by this seller.


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