The Unfortunate Fox Review


Better Half and I went on an Antoine de Saint-Exupéry kick months ago. We watched The Little Prince movie. I ordered the book and a stuffed fox on Amazon. This was in April.


The fox arrived today (July). It looks nothing like the images on the seller's page.



One of these things is not like the other, yeah?

Amazon seems to deem my reviews too caustic. The one I sent in today probably will not be published. I'll post it here for posterity.



This item from the Yueyang County Shengu Department Store (岳阳县申固百货店) is NOT what is advertised:

1. It is not "super soft and it feels like you are hugging a cloud". Yes, the material is soft. The filling feels cheap and it not uniformly packed or fluffy.

2. This can not be used as nap pillow. As a home decoration, it could be easily mistaken for roadkill.

3. It is not a "Perfect Decoration, They suit for bedroom, living room, home, office, nursery bed,car and every place you like". There's no personality to the thing. It looks like someone sewed ears and legs onto a godemiché.

4. Do NOT give this to your baby. Do NOT give this to your baby. Do NOT give this to your baby!

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) closely monitors and regulates toys. Any toys made in — or imported into — the United States must follow CPSC standards.

This toy has not been assessed for compliance with those standards. There isn't any tag provided, ergo we don't know what this toy is actually made of, nor if it poses a suffocation risk.

5. ...

This product is not worth the cost nor does it resemble most of the photographs used to promote it. The body is too short for the head and the legs are not long enough. The toy cannot be positioned to sit upright with the head tipped forward. It fails as a baby toy and is not "educational".

 I gave it one star.